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The Way of the Verb : Creative Writing Workshops

One can neither learn how to write nor teach it. One can only try to half-open the invisible door behind which stands the original sky that writing summons up whenever it articulates what the body can remember. Thus the word can embody itself within language and man can testify to Being. Neither personal development, nor training in writing, this introductory creative workshop seeks the third way, the relentless and impeccable way at the service of what is greater than oneself, whatever that might be termed.

Where the challenge is not to learn how to write but to get closer to one’s own language, that unique and singular key that helps one settle down, and one fine day, be happy. Because even if the writing does not heal everything, it is important to seek one’s kingdom. What it offers more is Bonus.

What is a language? It is an outburst, a rhythm carried on the wings of breath, a precise depth. It is silence, an openness to otherness through a singular sensitivity.

What is an individuation path? It is a call, obstacles to overcome, doors to open. It is a liberation beyond one’s wounds to get out of the confusion and recover the lost Word. It is a meeting with oneself and therefore with the other.

In that sense, writing can be considered as therapeutic. That is, it “takes care of the Being” to reveal what part of truth is constantly being robbed from us. Braided in silence, while reading, with inner listening, it is in its essence antithetical to the idea of ​​a group of people that any workshop presupposes. However, this is an opportunity for a community of consciousness: shared solitudes can grow together and open to a form of trust in which everyone’s name can be spelled.

As an enclosure whose closed doors open within oneself, the workshop aims above all to resonate with the question of Being, each singularity of which is an essential letter to compose the alphabet of the World.

Conceived as an alchemical laboratory, the workshop proposes, from a multiplicity of tracks, to leave the question of being always open: never conclude, never complete anything, no promise, no failure, no threat, just living it always open, open, open wide.

Hence we realise that writing is not about producing texts, but above all about a truthful relationship with the World.

We can start as well from a sentence, from a simple track, as from a tradition (tarot, kabbalah), a feeling, a text, silence… The writing times can vary a lot, depending on what we are trying to excavate. After which comes the hour of sharing with the reading of each other’s texts.

Two sessions are offered, complemented by a third so-called deepening session. It all takes place over a period of one year. The sessions follow one another in chronological order in harmony with the inner pilgrimage.

Session 1: The discovery of one’s “inner enclosure” following a personal relationship to language in order to begin to identify what hinders the unfolding of Being. Language is a respiration, a body, a breath. It’s about feeling how writing sets energy and vibration in motion through the letters that constitute and found us.

Session 2: The inner path is a challenge to get out of confusion, find its rightful place in the tree of generations. Literature follows that path at its own risks and perils, according to a principle of nudity that fiction reveals pretty well. To dare to name something and to dare to love it are but One. To dare to see is to dare to be seen.

Deepening session: Confronting the “nigredo”, that dark side that each individual carries within themselves. It is the spiritual work that is required of eveyone to be able to unveil the light.  Lay bare this irreducible poetic part in Man which makes him a human being is the very essence of writing. The traditions of the Kabbalah and the Tarot help us along this inner dive.

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