2013 – Inner Patagonia

(Under the name of Lorette Nobécourt)
Inner Patagonia, Grasset, 2013.


The plane that connects Marseille to Madrid is very small. There are only fifteen rows of four seats each. Behind me, two men with deep voices are talking about their correspondence for Dakar. One of them knows the country, the other one doesn’t. One quit smoking, the other hasn’t. The one who still smokes is the one acquainted with Dakar. The other one puts on patches. They tell each other everything people tell each other in that kind of situation. Smoking, pleasure, blah, blah, not smoking, health, blah, blah, blah. They avoid talking about the real thing. Addiction. Consolation. Compensation. I quit smoking a few months ago with indescribable joy. That of not having to smoke anymore.

Back cover

Is there a world on the edge of the world? Is there a secret to be discovered on the borders of those wild lands where it is no longer man who dwells in nature but rather nature that tolerates man? One winter, Lorette Nobécourt leaves alone for Chile to make “the very significant and old dream of going to Patagonia one day” come TRUE.

From Valparaiso to Tierra del Fuego, by boat, on foot and by bus, the author takes us to the end of the world where the outlines of this interior Patagonia that we all carry reveal themselves through incredible landscapes. A free and wild space whose intimate geography is disclosed to us.

Traduction de Narjisse Moumna