2018 – Living Garden

Living Garden, Le Cerf, 2018.


– What are the best moments of your past life? Yazuki asked this morning.

– They are all yet to come, I answered.

I believe that once you have crossed beyond a certain line of force, the enemy is always an ally.


Did Yazuki learn about what I told Are about him? Every uttered sentence should be able to stand the presence of him she is talking about.

Did I say something hurtful about Yazuki? Aru would have warned me if such was the case.


Yazuki thinks failure is an Absolute.

I start to understand what he means.

Back cover

Digging deeper book after book on her path as a woman and a writer, Laurence Nobécourt is adding to her literary work two pieces of writing whose profundity is quite out of the common, thus standing for a quest for true harmony between body and soul. In Vivant Jardin (Living Garden), she inaugurates in the form of a three-voiced dialogue a deep reflexion on writing and love. The question of how to season a demanding artistic life with loving passion is at stake. “One needs great strengths to pace slightly towards the invisible, in order to reunite what has been separated”. After having signed more or less fifteen novels (among which let’s mention La Vie Spirituelle – The Spiritual Life – or Grâce leur soit rendue – Praised be they -), Laurence Nobécourt hazards a new style, both poetic and sensitive, in her new work to be published at Éditions du Cerf. She lives now amidst the hills of la Drôme provençale where she has launched a creative writing workshop in the small village Dieu-le-fit.

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