Le plongeur de Paestum

Post Tenebras Lux

Cerf, 2021


« There is no such thing as sins. There are only wounds. And while I was begging within the night for your pardon, I knew beforehand that you have already bestowed your forgiveness upon me, for we were entering, my beloved and I, the splendour of our sexuality. We who were nothing but love. We weighed anchor on river Nile – our dreams, aboard their felucca, still clinging to our sorrows – sailing towards the unknown estuary, that crucible where all new things are begotten from the ancient ones. We are on our way without being in the know, and yet, each of us recognises each other’s lore, that which ennobles and honours him so. Oh! Adonai… blessed be your names, you who remembered mine, and granted me such a husband as to honour Eros – Divine be He – upon the earth.»

Back cover

« From a distant past peopled with fathers misusing their terrifying arrogance, to a contemporary domination of the maternal almighty law, the bodies have been disconnected from the spirit and nothing survives save for a world of flesh where the sexual drive keeps moving forward disguised under masks of death. Oh Adonaï ! where are you? Sexuality is a noteworthy kind of spirituality. There, more than anywhere else, can I behold you. »


La Vie, 28 jan 2021 : La vie (pdf)